"Demystifying Leadership" Video Series

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Webinar #1: Leadership is...

In this overview of the 3-day TIL (The Inevitable® Leader!) course you will experience three radical new constructs:

  • Are you wired as a leader? How would you do this?
  • Now, you are in motion as a leader, or are you still hesitating or stuck?
  • Last, you will see the framework of the Six Step Ultimate Leadership Model and begin to understand how you would apply it.

Webinar #2: EQ vs. IQ Leadership

Most come to leadership as elevated technicians – well versed in their craft, but not necessarily well versed in leadership.  Therefore, then, most focus on the science and technical side of leadership – which in most of its forms – is known as “managing.”  That is not the same as leadership!  Everyone knows that IQ is a scale of how “smart” you are.  EQ, or Emotional Intelligence, is the leadership counterpart, and not as many know and understand this term.  Ultimately, it contains the crucial skills to lead and inspire!

Webinar #3: What to do when your Leadership objectives break down

How do you troubleshoot when you miss your leadership objectives? This mini-series comes to an end with case studies and tools to help you apply this in the real world.  It is also the most Q & A in-depth webinar with both you preparing questions and reacting to the case studies with your observations and thoughts.  Experience like-minded people faced with the same issues as you are, and really elevate the potentiality and possibilities of your new direction and responses.