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  • Legendary Relationship Worksheet- Understand your "mental software" around relationships as it exists today, and begin to create your vision for your Legendary Relationship


  • Top 10 Reasons Most Marriages Fail - Understand the main reasons why relationships fail and what to do differently to ensure your success


  • The Ten Practices of a Legendary Relationship - 10 things you must do to create an epic relationship


  • The Fatal Flaw Theory - Not only is it crucial for a search, it will define the REAL Legendary Issues for existing marriages


  • Setting Standards and Establishing a Roadmap for a Legendary Relationship  - More tools for creating your standards and a gameplan to create your legend.


  • 5 Love Languages - There are 5 different "types" of love, and we all have our own unique preferences. Understand yours and your partners so you both get what you want.


  • Understanding Masculine Feminine Energy

Masculine and Feminine Energy


One of the most fundamental aspects, or “rules” of the relationship game is to understand masculine and feminine energy. I’m not talking about bodies, men and women, husband and wife, parent and child, or lovers. I refer to your nature and expression of personal masculine and feminine creative energy. Without understanding masculine and feminine energy, we can become very much out of balance.






Worksheet Analysis and 30 Minute Coaching Session - Have your completed Legendary Relationship Worksheet analyzed by a certified Inevitable You coach and schedule a 30 minute session to go over it and receive coaching and guidance on what to focus on.


Loving Heart Meditation MP3 - In part one William Sumner explains this unlike anything you’ve ever heard. In so you understand and apply unconditional love to yourself, you will never be able to unconditionally love those around you. Take a deep breath and feel this unique approach he offers.

Scored by the noted Native American artist Eric Many Winds Herrera, part two takes Williams powerful heart meditation to amazing levels. It is designed on neural principles to record this feeling deep in your body and subconscious. Experience it again and again as more love floods your life than you ever imagined.

Learning, understanding, and applying this Great Truth to yourself and others will change the quality of your life. Enter your own heart. Listen and enjoy!


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